Agha Hassan: Elevating Fashion with Elegance and Versatility


Agha Hassan, a clothing brand, offers trendy styles and quality materials, providing a fashionable and comfortable experience for all.

Elegance in Fashion

Agha Hassan Design Studio, a leading Pakistani fashion brand, presents a diverse collection including elegant kurtas, luxurious pret wear, and stunning wedding attire. Explore their exquisite designs today!

Regal and Pastel Colors

Agha Hassan’s clothing brand provides a mix of rich, regal colors and gentle pastels. You’ll find a wide selection of both bold and soft hues to suit your style.

Elegant Embellishments Transforming Garments

Resham embroidery, Kora, dabka, sequins, and Gotti embellishments grace their clothing. Their designs shine with intricate craftsmanship, offering exquisite, detailed work on their garments.

Magnificent Mirror Embellishments

Their clothing shines with mirror work, adding a touch of brilliance and charm. Mirror embellishments create a stunning, reflective detail in their designs.

Elegant Tilla Embroidery & Delicate Lace

Their clothing features intricate tilla embroidery and delicate lace details. These embellishments enhance the beauty and elegance of their designs.

Opulent Details

They infuse their designs with opulence through shimmering zardozi, crystals, pearls, and stones, elevating their garments to a luxurious standard.

Fashion for Every Occasion

Agha Hassan offers a versatile range of clothing, including casual wear, formal attire, luxurious pret collections, and exquisite bridal outfits, catering to diverse fashion needs.

Actresses Shine in Agha Hassan’s Designs

Neelam Munir, Jannat Mirza, along with other accomplished actresses, have beautifully adorned Agha Hassan’s creations, infusing the brand’s modeling portfolio with a captivating blend of star power and elegance.

Yusra Ahmed Stuns in Agha Hassan’s Black Dress at Lux Awards

Yura Ahmed donned a stunning black dress from their collection at the Lux Awards, showcasing their fashion excellence.

Affordable Luxury Fashion

They offer their premium fashion at competitive prices, ensuring that quality and style are accessible to a wide range of customers without breaking the bank.

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