Aleena & Fareena: Threads of Elegance, Innovation, and Glamour Unraveled

Aleena & Fareena, where threads tell stories. Each stitch whispers elegance, and every piece embraces the beauty of being you.

Aleena & Fareena’s Innovative Impact on the Pakistani Fashion Scene

Aleena & Fareena are a game changer in fashion. This designer brand from Pakistan is setting new trends, innovating style effortlessly.

Founder of the Brand:

 Aleena, the brilliant mind behind the brand. Her captivating vision enchants every gaze, leaving hearts in awe and admiration trailing in her radiant wake.

Aim of the brand

Aleena Fareena aspires to seamlessly blend Eastern and Western influences, creating a harmonious fusion that reflects a global, modern aesthetic.

What makes their designs standout?

Aleena Fareena’s designs stand out by artfully embracing the eccentricities born from fusing two cultures into formal wear, creating distinctive, captivating ensembles.

What does Aleena & Fareena Offer?

Indulge in Aleena Fareena’s opulent offerings, featuring a lavish array of pret, traditional, and bridal wear for every glamorous occasion.

Unique, Show-Stopping Designs.

Aleena Fareena crafts attention grabbing designs, blending innovation with elegance. Their avant-garde creations feature unique patterns, seamlessly merging everyday charm with a touch of sophistication, outshining conventional artistry.

Aleena Fareena’s Transition from Studios to Online Dominance in High-End Fashion

Aleena Fareena, once in studios and exhibitions, now conquers high-end fashion online. Embracing the digital era, their style knows no bounds.

Aleena & Fareena’s Collection Takes Center Stage at Fashion Pakistan Week

Aleena Fareena’s collection is youthful, statement-making, and effortlessly wearable. Their showcase at Fashion Pakistan Week marked a standout moment in style.

“AFRA”: Exhibition at Dubai

Aleena & Fareena’s enchanting exhibition “Afra” came to life at The Ritz Carlton, DIFC, on September 16th, 2023, a captivating evening where their latest creations dazzled in the city of gold.

Festive Affair Exhibition, Dubai:

Their collection dazzled at the Festive Affair Exhibition, October 5-8, Signature Studio Dubai, affirming the brand’s rising popularity and acclaim.

Elevated Style: Unique Embroidered Shalwars & Trousers

Setting themselves apart, the brand offers a variety of exquisitely designed and embroidered shalwars and trousers, distinguishing their collection from others.

Winter Glamour:

Indulge in the luxury of winter with their exclusive collections, featuring opulent velvet and silk ensembles like Kurtis and gowns. Vibrant colors, detailed embroideries, ideal for weddings and formal events.

11.11 Extravaganza: Dive into Luxury with 40% Off

Set your alarms for 11.11! Dive into their exquisite luxury pret, formal wear, and more, with a fantastic 40% off, starting sharp at 11 am. Don’t miss this!

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