Alkaram Studio is a vibrant fashion destination with affordable and trendy clothing, offering quality fabrics and stylish designs for everyone.

The Origin of Alkaram Studio in 1986

In 1986, Mr. Fawad Anwer laid the foundation for Alkaram Studio, bringing forth a journey that merges style, tradition, and quality.

A Fashion Hub Since 2010

Alkaram Studio stepped into fashion retail in 2010, opening its first outlet and setting the stage for style and quality.

Unstitched Elegance Through the Years

Embarking on its journey, Alkaram Studio captivates with alluring unstitched collections. Over the years, it continues to redefine fashion excellence.

Alkaram Studio’s Enchanting Unstitched Collection

Alkaram Studio unveils unstitched collections, enriched with exquisite patterns, offering a diverse array of embroidered and printed suits, perfect for every season.

Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection 2023

Explore Alkaram Studio’s 2023 winter collection, highlighting versatile 3-piece outfits with shawls. Embrace the trend by styling shawls with dupatta or 2-piece ensembles.

Luxurious Pashmina Shawls for Every Occasion

Discover the allure of Pashmina shawls, delicately woven from fine cashmere wool. Versatile and lightweight, they effortlessly enhance both casual and formal ensembles.

Alkaram Ensembles and Velvet Shawls

Complete your Alkaram ensembles with a touch of elegance, pair them effortlessly with luxurious velvet shawls, adding warmth and style.

Alkaram Studio’s Stylish Suit-Shawl Duos for the Cozy Season

If you’re looking for suits paired with exquisite shawls then Alkaram studio’s winter collection 23 is the best for you.

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