Almirah or Tum: A message by Almirah for all women

Almirah, a well-known Pakistani brand recently came up with a campaign known as “Almirah or Tum”.

Lasting Impression

From day one, the campaign seized attention, making a statement that resonated and left a lasting impression on everyone.

A vital change for women

The campaign really spoke to people, emphasizing a vital change for women. Hence, encouraging self-care and putting themselves first.

Promoting empowerment

The campaign powerfully promoted empowerment by inspiring women to encourage investment in their well-being for lasting empowerment and self-discovery.

Almirah or Tum: a warm reminder for women

Almirah’s “Almirah aur TUM” ad warmly reminds women to appreciate themselves, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing happiness in the journey of life.

Almirah or Tum gaining popularity:

The campaign has gained massive popularity because it is being promoted by various celebrities and influencers.

Campaign’s relatability:

The campaign resonates with all women regardless of their position or profession. Whether they are working women or housewives, the campaign speaks to all.

Recognizing Individual significance beyond societal expectations

Almirah understands the many roles women take on in relationships but truly emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-realization

The Tagline:

Almirah’s tagline: “Jab tak tum main tum ho na tb tk sb theek hai” which means that everything will be alright as long as you remain true to yourself.

Celebrity Applause:

Celebrities and influencers, including Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, Anoushay Ashraf, Humna Raza and Shanzay Sheikh, and more, praised the brand for its impactful message, adding to the campaign’s Popularity.

“I’m so proud of you. Khud ko kab ye kehti ho?”

Areeba Siddiqu is a talented artist for the Almirah’s campaign. Her art reminds women that they often forget that in the achievements of their family and loved ones, they also play an important part but forget to appreciate themselves.

Almirah is best-known brand for their clothing collections and now have gained popularity for their campaign. Many women believe that this campaign has brought a positive change in their life.

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