Elegance and Style: Ayesha & Usman’s Fashion Journey

Ayesha and usman

Ayesha and Usman, a clothing brand, threads together timeless elegance, comfort, and style, offering fashionable and versatile attire.

Fashion’s Fusion: Ayesha & Usman

Ayesha, a skilled student of Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design,

and Usman Qamar, with a decade-long design journey, collaborate in fashion excellence.

Ayesha & Usman’s Pret

Formally established in 2012, Ayesha & Usman Qamar’s PrĂȘt line encourages individual style

through innovative cuts and creative variations on classic design elements.

Ayesha & Usman’s Vision

Ayesha & Usman Qamar aim to blend subtle glamour with chic flair,

an aesthetic that defines the core of their diverse collections.

Versatile Collections

They present an array of collections, from luxurious pret to bridal and formal wear,

offering diverse styles and designs for various occasions.

Pakistani Handcrafted Elegance

Every piece within their brand is carefully handmade in Pakistan,

reflecting a dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and the artistry of skilled local artisans.

Pure Fabric Mastery

They exclusively employ pure fabrics like Irish linen, chiffon, and hand-woven silks, showcasing

a commitment to quality and luxury in every creation.

Signature Craftsmanship

Their brand is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, creative cuts,

diverse silhouettes, and exceptional tailoring, distinguishing their label with a touch of innovation in every garment.

Stylish Jackets

They extend their range to include jackets, complementing their collection with stylish outerwear that adds flair and versatility to their offerings.

Bridal Range

Introducing an affordable bridal range boasting intricate hand embellishments, opulent zari materials, and pure fabrics, ensuring every bride’s happiness.

Celebirity Approved

Yashma Gill, Zarha Malik, and various other celebrities grace occasions in Ayesha and Usman’s elegant attire, showcasing the brand’s allure and style.

Accessible Fashion

They offer stylish clothing at great prices, making fashion accessible without compromising quality or style, ensuring everyone can enjoy their designs.

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