Chicophicial: Fusing Tradition & Trend in Style and Diversity


A stylish brand weaving confidence into trendy threads, Chicophicial embra cing individuality, and painting personalities with fashionable flair.

Nasreen Ibrahim Jamal

Nasreen Ibrahim Jamal holds a Master’s in Design Marketing and Merchandising and is the owner of the fashion brand Chicophicial.

Modern Tradition in Style

Chicophicial is Where modern meets tradition, offering stylish clothing for those embracing both contemporary and classic fashion sensibilities.

Crafting Fabrics for Diverse Tastes

Their vision strives to blend Eastern detail with Western style in fabric creation, meeting diverse customer demands for unique clothing.

Diverse Collections

They offer a diverse range of collections, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s unique taste and style preferences.

Women, Men, and Kids Covered!

They have clothes for women, men, and kids, making sure the whole family has great options for dressing stylishly.

Tailoring Modern Women’s Style

Their primary focus lies in crafting cuts that align with the modern woman’s persona, whether it’s for party wear or casual shirts.

Fusion Cuts Embracing Tradition & Western Detailing

Chicophicial endeavors to craft cuts that blend tradition with Western detailing, aiming to showcase the fusion of heritage within modern fashion.

Intricate Designs for You

They aim to make each piece a new definition of beauty, using detailed designs to create something truly artistic and sophisticated.

Building a Premium Brand

Their goal is to excel in client service, design, marketing, and manufacturing, aiming to solidify their position as a top-notch brand.

Jewelry Galore

They also provide a range of jewelry, including stunning gold pieces. From chokers to earrings and rings, they’ve got a variety of accessories to complement your style.

Quality at Great Prices

They offer a wide range of clothes at great prices, ensuring quality without breaking the bank. Affordable and stylish options cater to everyone without compromising on the value or design.

They have clothes for women, men, and kids, making sure the whole family has great options for dressing stylishly.

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