Erica Robins and Khaadi: Featuring Pakistan on a global platform

Erica Robin, born in Karachi on November 8 1998 is the first Pakistani lady to participate in Miss Universe.

Who is Erica Robins?

Erica Robin, is an Actress and model by profession. She belongs to a Pakistani Christian Family. She received the Miss Universe award for the first Pakistani Lady.

Miss Universe Competition:

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant was held in San Salvador. The competition featured over 80 countries.

Erica Robin in the spotlight:

Erica earned a spot in the top 20 contestants with her striking appearance and outfits that showcased the Pakistani culture.

Respecting the culture of Pakistan:

. She challenged the stereotypes and looked fabulous at the same time because she donned an elegant Kaftan in the swimsuit segment. Hence, respecting the culture of her country

Creative mind behind the Kaftan:

 The Kaftan was created with the collaboration of Rubin Singer, the famous designer and Miss Universe organization.

The “ONE”

For the evening gown competition, Erica Robins wore a sparkling dress with mesh fabric . The gown was named “THE ONE” because it symbolizes her belonging to the 1% of the minority.

Khaadi as the National Costume:

For the National Costume segment, Erica Robins wore an ensemble designed by everyone’s favorite Pakistani brand, Khaadi.

Khaadi’s Pehchaan:

The name of the national costume is Pehchaan. The dress fulfilled Erica’s mission to celebrate Pakistan’s diverse culture and lifestyle through her outfit.

Pehchaan by Khaadi: a three piece ensemble

The oufit contains a Ghagra, Odhni and a traditional handcrafted sindhi pankha as an accessory.

Pehchaan: showcasing Pakistan’s diverse cultures

The dress is a vibrant Pink and black. The Balochi abho hence the broad sleeves and the Pashtun peplum dress is what inspires the top of the ensemble. The sindhi culture inspired the ghaghra of the dress.

Erica Robin and Khaadi:

 Adorned by Erica and Designed by Khaadi the dress features Pakistan’s cultural tapestry. Together they were able to feature Pakistan on an international platform which is a major accomplishment.

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