JUGNU by Hussain Rehar, Accused of Plagiarism

Renowned designer Hussain Rehar accused of plagiarism in his latest creations, sparking debate and concern in the fashion world.

Alisha Yazdani, owner of Kook Studio

Alisha Yazdani, the owner of an online store known as Kook studio was the one who accused Hussain Rehar of plagiarism.

Hussain Rehar accused of plagiarism in his JUGNU collection

Alisha Yazdani accused Hussain Rehar of stealing her work for his new clothing line, Jugnu.

The JUGNU Collection

Hussain Rehar launched the Jugnu collection featuring intricate black and white embroideries, showcasing style and elegance.

Collaboration with the designer

Alisha claims that there was initially supposed to be a collaboration with the designer which did not take place.

The accusation

Alisha Yazdani observed notable similarities between her designs and Hussain Rehar’s Jugnu line. Both showcased black backgrounds adorned with white birds, flora, fauna, and traditional patterns.

Hussain Rehar’s response to the accusations

Rehar defended himself on Instagram, saying he didn’t copy anything and strongly disagreed with the accusations made against him.

Further Clarification by the Designer

Rehar further clarified that inspiration for Jugnu is traditional African embroidery, denying any influence from a specific individual’s work.

Creation of JUGNU

Rehar pointed out that Jugnu was in the making since a year. Even though both artists have used a monochromatic palette, the collection is not plagiarized.

Hussain Rehar’s Ethical Design Practices

Rehar assures that Jugnu is committed to artistic expression, cultural appreciation, and ethical design practices, emphasizing these principles in its creation.

Supporting his Stance

In defense, Rehar shared images on Instagram comparing Yazdani’s and Jugnu line, emphasizing differences in design elements, spacing, and style.

More Accusations

After Yazdani’s claim, another accusation has surfaced the social media by JUGNU Candles.

Copying the Logo

Jugnu Candles, an online store, alleges that Rehar copied their brand name and image for his Jugnu clothing line, adding to the controversy.

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