Lajwanti: A Timeless Journey of Cultural Elegance, Business Triumphs, and Fashion Excellence


Lajwanti : Elevate your style with the latest trends, offering a diverse range for a confident and fashionable look.

Cultural Elegance Since 1995

Lajwanti has been around since 1995, setting the fashion trends with a blend of craftsmanship and cultural elegance in each timeless piece.

CEO of the brand:

In 1993, the CEO Ana Ali created a special wedding outfit for herself inspired by South-Asian design.

The beautiful ensemble marked a significant moment, shaping Ana’s life and legacy.

From a Corner Store to Triumph:

Ana Ali began with a small store at Pearl Continental Lahore and grew it into a successful brand, making her a trailblazing businesswoman.

From National Spotlight to International Runways

Lajwantee now dazzles on international catwalks, captivating audiences across Europe and the United States, earning both national and international acclaim.

Lajwanti’s Signature Charm: Unparalleled Handwork That Defines Timeless Elegance

Lajwanti’s distinctive handwork remains its unique selling point,

Setting the brand apart with unparalleled craftsmanship that endures through time.

Creative Director of the brand

Guided by Creative Director Dania Ali, Lajwanti embraces millennial talent, ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation.

Dania Ali’s Dedication to Upholding Lajwanti’s Legacy

Dania Ali upholds her mother’s legacy and the brand’s philosophy,

dedicating herself to nurturing both Lajwanti and her artistic vision with resilience.

Lajwanti’s collections and superior craftmanship

Lajwantee offers a diverse range, from Semi-Formal to Bridal Collections,

Each showcasing the signature style with design innovation, superior craftsmanship, and timeless beauty at its core.

Lajwanti at Pakistan Fashion Week London

Lajwanti stole the spotlight at Pakistan Fashion Week London, presenting remarkable formal and bridal dresses.

With sophisticated zari and motifs, each ensemble showcased the brand’s excellence and timeless elegance.

Lajwanti’s bridal collections

Lajwanti’s bridal collection offers a variety of styles including lehengas, peshwas, and shararas,

Providing a diverse range for individuals to choose from for their special day.

Lajwanti Graces the Pages of Fashion Times Magazine

Lajwanti’s exquisite designs showcased in Fashion Times Magazine,

Spotlighting the brand’s timeless elegance and influence in the fashion industry.

Lajwanti: your go to brand

Lajwanti, the go-to brand for exquisite wedding ensembles, also features a stunning range of menswear,

Ensuring sophistication for every celebration.

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