Elevate Your Style with Mina Hasan: A Symphony of Luxury and Fashion

mina hasan

Mina Hasan: Crafting Regal Elegance since 2002

A fashion brand renowned for its elegant and timeless designs, blending tradition with contemporary styles for discerning clients.

Mina: A Timeless Icon

she’s an established name since 2002,

is celebrated for her brilliant design talent and dedication, crafting masterpieces for all.

Mina Fashion’s Regal Artistry

With years of experience, Mina Hasan’s designs exude glamour, regality, and unique artistry, featuring classic silhouettes and exquisite embroideries.

Elevating Personal Style

Mina Hasan’s brand philosophy focuses on refining women’s style and enhancing

their self-awareness in the world of fashion.

Mina Hasan: Crafting Regal Elegance Since 2002

Mina Hasan’s label, rooted in her royal lineage as

Noor Jahan’s daughter, produces alluring, regal fashion.

Mina Hasan: Creating Portraits of Elegance

PFU Mina Hasan’s designs exude magnificence and extravagance, featuring majestic traditional silhouettes adorned with intricate, handcrafted embroidery, each piece resembling a captivating portrait of beauty.

Mina Hasan:

Bridal Couture Expert

Mina excels in Bridal Couture and Luxury Pret, extending her collection to encompass an exclusive line of semi-formal Pret-a-Porter fashion.

A Journey of Luxury

In 2014, she launched her eponymous collection of Luxury unstitched fabrics and Luxury Embroidered Lawn in partnership with Shariq Textiles. With meticulous attention to detail and top-quality materials, Mina Hasan’s team strives for the highest level of client satisfaction.

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