An emerging brand Raastah at the London Fashion Week.

What is Raastah?

Raastah, a trendy clothing brand, dresses people in style. With quality fabrics and chic designs, it’s a fashion-forward choice for all.

Raastah at the London Fashion Week

Pioneering Pakistani streetwear brand, Raastah, at the London Fashion Week, showcasing culturally rich and effortlessly cool designs for the first time.

Raastah’s SS23 Collection Steals the Spotlight at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week featured Raastah’s SS23 Collection Showcase on February 17, highlighting a stylish blend of evening wear, menswear, and womenswear.

Surpasses Fashion Veterans with Rapid Maturation

Surging ahead, the young brand matures swiftly, outshining fashion stalwarts with remarkable performance, surpassing decades-old labels in the industry.

 Their Fresh Approach Reshapes Local Fashion

Redefining Pakistan’s streetwear, the brand’s unique style and purposeful designs reshape local fashion with a fresh, forward-thinking approach.


Brand managers excitedly announced a London pop-up experience on social media, declaring their arrival in Soho during London Fashion Week.

First Pakistani Brand on the Global Fashion Stage

Making history, Rastah becomes the inaugural Pakistani brand at LFW, marking a significant milestone in the global fashion landscape.

Global Impact

Global influence and a commitment to revolutionize local fashion speak volumes about Raastah’s impact on the international and domestic style.

Raastah’s Volume IX

Raastah’s Volume IX, unveiled at the event, showcases a vibrant palette, diverse textures, intricate patterns, and distinctive silhouettes, capturing attention effortlessly.

Exclusive Exhibit

Raastah’s collection dazzled in an exclusive exhibit before delighting the public, available for viewing until the 21st, leaving lasting impressions.

Spotlight in Disney Hotstar’s Ms. Marvel Series

Disney Hotstar’s Ms. Marvel series featured the brand, highlighting Raastah’s cultural impact and recognition in the global entertainment industry.

Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor Flaunt Raastah’s Fashion

Celebrities like Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor have been seen donning Raastah’s pieces, adding star power to the brand’s allure. you can find out more about this news here.

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