Saira Shakira, Redefining style through a harmonious blend of contemporary allure, intricate details, and a touch of captivating sophistication in clothing.

The Founders Saira & Shakira

Saira Faisal and Shakira Usman, PIFD graduates and brand designers, unite their passion, achieving a dream by launching a distinct clothing brand.

Design Duo Extraordinaire

From fashion school to a dynamic designer duo, captivate hearts with distinctive designs and unique aesthetics, leaving an enduring impact.

First design

Inspired by each other’s style,they launched their brand in 2012. Designing for the real woman effortless, sophisticated, and embracing strength in femininity.

Elevating Individuality in Fashion

Eastern haute couture, defining uniqueness in each piece. Their fashion house celebrates individuality and originality with every creation.

Elegance, Modern Classicism

They epitomizes modern classicism, blending creativity and superior sartorial content for a unique elegance. Each piece reflects a timeless and sophisticated fashion statement.

Evolving Identity, Timeless Roots

Their enduring identity evolves, staying rooted in its origins. A testament to their journey, blending heritage with contemporary flair, shaping a distinctive and timeless fashion narrative.

Fusion of Innovation and Origin

Their distinct style and fashion blend strong innovation with authentic origins, creating an unmistakable identity that evolves season after season.

Saira Shakira Lawn

An embodiment of grace and comfort, featuring vibrant designs that define premium quality, perfect for summer elegance.

Fashion and Jewels Harmony

Elevate your style with exquisite jewelry offerings, complementing their fashion line with unique and elegant pieces.

Saira Shakira Bridals

Saira Shakira’s bridal collection exudes timeless elegance, offering exquisite designs that capture the essence of a bride’s special day.

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