Style beyond Borders: Farooq Hameed Studio Tale of Elegance

Farooq Hameed Studio

Farooq Hameed Studio, a trendy clothing brand, crafts stylish outfits with quality fabrics.

Elevate your fashion with their unique designs!

Karachi based Design Studio

Farooq Hameed studio is a Karachi based studio, making designs inspired by the city’s liveliness.

They create unique, elegant styles for everyone to enjoy.

Farooq Hameed: The creative mind behind the brand

Farooq Hameed studio, a designer extraordinaire, specializes in crafting exquisite traditional Eastern and fusion clothing.

His creations showcase sophisticated and delicate work, reflecting a timeless blend of elegance.

Signature Blend of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter Excellence

Farooq Hameed excels in the art of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter fashion,

offering designs and ready-to-wear collections with flair and sophistication.

Farooq Hameed Studio Distinctive Bridals and Formals

Farooq Hameed is also celebrated for its expertise in crafting exquisite Bridals and Formals,

delivering unforgettable elegance in every tailor-made masterpiece.

Fashion from the heart of Pakistan

Farooq Hameed ensures that every garment bearing its label is crafted by hand in Pakistan,

showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

Global Glamour Awaits

 Farooq Hameed Studioo ships worldwide, bringing exquisite fashion

to every corner for style enthusiasts around the globe.

Farooq Hameed Studio Shines in Canadian Fashion Spotlight

Farooq Hameed Studio’s stunning creations graced the runway at a prestigious fashion show in Canada,

showcasing their exceptional pieces to international acclaim and admiration.

Glamourous New collections

Indulge in Glamour with Farooq Hameed Studio’s Latest Collection, Pariza Lux Festive ’23.

Showcasing Ready-to-Wear Fancy Ensembles for Effortless Elegance.

Blend of Stunning prints and delicate embroideries

Farooq Hameed Studio caters to diverse tastes, presenting Silk Luxe Prints ’23.

Enchanting ensembles with stunning prints, light embroideries on necklines, and borders, on luxurious silk fabric.

Chic Studio & Online

Shop the charm of Farooq Hameed Studios online or visit their enchanting studios at 8E,

7th Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA Phase 5, Karachi, Pakistan. Elevate your style!

Bushra Haq Stuns in Farooq Hameed’s ensemble

Pakistani Journalist Bushra Haq Graces the Scene in Farooq Hameed Studio’s Pink Peshwas, a Symbol of Timeless Style.

Celebrity adorned elegance

Elevate your style with Farooq Hameed Studios, adorned by celebrities like Bushra Haq and Sana Yasir,

a renowned TV host and actress, reflecting its high standards.

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