The Fashion Journey of Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed’s Iconic Clothing Brand, Hina Hassan

Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed

Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed: In the realm of fashion, Hina Hassan’s clothing brand shines, delivering affordable and stylish ensembles that cater to diverse tastes with ease and flair.

Hassan Farooq’s and Hina Ahmed’s Journey into Elegant Ethnic Wear Design

In 2020, a couple from Lahore, Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed, turned their love for traditional wear into reality,

Creating elegant, minimalist pieces celebrating simplicity and beauty.

Crafting Elegance

Partnering with local tailors, Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed hand-select premium fabrics,

Infusing care into crafting their designs, bringing them to life.

Designs Delight

Through their website and social media, Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed showcase their designs,

Earning praise for design, quality, and personalized service.

Excellence and Inclusivity Recognition

Online fashion platforms noticed Hassan Farooq’S and Hina Ahmed’s dedication to excellence and inclusivity,

Recognizing their commitment to quality and diversity.

Rapid Recognition

Swiftly recognized, Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed’s brand joined top Pakistani designers,

Expanding its influence and presence among fashion enthusiasts.

Ethnic Elegance

Today, Hassan Farooq’s and Hina Ahmed’s brand is celebrated for its distinctive take on ethnic wear, resonating with fashion lovers.


Their vision is to lead in ethnic wear, offering sustainable, stylish clothing for customers to express uniqueness, celebrating simplicity and cultural heritage.

Crafting Graceful Ethnic Wear with Quality Fabrics

Crafting graceful ethnic wear, they  emphasize simplicity with high-quality fabrics and ethical manufacturing,

Ensuring elegance and comfort for all occasions.

Tailored Elegance

Dedicated to personalized service, they prioritize understanding each customer’s needs,

Creating clothing that perfectly fits and flatters, ensuring a unique shopping experience.

Exceeding Expectations

Committed to customer satisfaction, their priority is surpassing expectations in product quality, service, and support, valuing customers above all.

Affordable Fashion

Hassan Farooq and Hina Ahmed’s brand provides fashion at great prices, making quality and style

Accessible for everyone, proving that affordability doesn’t compromise trendiness.

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