Many ask the question: “What color shoes go with a red dress?” It’s tricky!

What color shoes go with a red dress? Answered.

In this blog we will discuss what color shoes go with a red dress so that you know how to style your dress whenever necessary!

Deep brick red dress and pink shoes

A rich red dress pairs well with soft blush pink shoes for a stylish and complementary look.

Nude shoes, top pick for red dresses

Opt for nude shoes, a foolproof choice. Draws attention to the dress, making it our top pick for red dresses.

Nude pumps or sandals, any type looks good!

Opt for nude pumps or sandals. They’re adaptable and enduring, making them an essential for any woman’s closet, suitable for any outfit.

Does white go well with red dress?

Avoid white shoes with a red dress, they may clash. Opt for neutrals like black, nude, or metallic for a better match.

Printed red dress with white

For a printed red dress, white shoes could work well and look fantastic. The pattern adds versatility to the pairing.

Black shoes with red dress

Since many women own black dress shoes, creating an outfit with black shoes and a red dress is a common and natural choice.

Enhance the look with accessories

Enhance the ensemble by adding a black belt. It defines the waist and complements black shoes, creating a polished, cohesive look.

Pairing metallic shoes with red dress

A stylish option is pairing a red dress with silver or gold shoes, adding a touch of elegance and glamour.

Metallic or nude?

Opt for nude shoes for a less formal and more casual look, as metallic shoes lean towards a dressier style.

Silver shoes with silver jewelry to really steal the spotlight

Choose silver strappy sandals and complement the ensemble with silver jewelry for a cohesive and chic look.

Clear footwear

Stay on-trend with clear or lucite sandals. They’re a stylish choice to pair with a red dress.

Boots with red dress

For a casual red dress, try brown boots for a laid-back yet stylish vibe. They act as a neutral, completing the look.


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