Meet the Master Perfume Maker of Dubai: Yusuf Bhai

Introducing Yusuf Muhammad Ali, fondly called Yusuf Bhai, a talented perfume maker based in Dubai. With over 35 years of experience, he’s known for making special fragrances that match exactly what people want. His shop, “Teeb Emirates Perfumes,” is famous worldwide.

About Yusuf Bhai

Yusuf Bhai is originally from Kerala, India, and has lived in Dubai for a long time. He learned about making perfumes from his brother and has become well-known for his friendly personality and amazing perfumes.

He calls himself “the doctor of fragrances” and his shop has many different scents, from normal ones like citrus to unique ones like chai, milk, butter, and chocolate. People can mix these scents to make their special perfumes.

Bringing Back Memories through Scents

Yusuf Bhai doesn’t just make perfumes; he can also recreate scents that remind people of special times or loved ones. Some customers come to him with old perfumes that they want to smell again or to remember someone they love.

Sometimes it’s hard to make the same smell, especially if the perfume is very old. But Yusuf Bhai and his team work hard to get it just right.

Yusuf Bhai’s Childhood Memories

Yusuf Bhai remembers the nice smells from his childhood in Kerala, like mangoes and jasmine flowers. He also remembers the scent of the ocean, where his father worked at the fish market. Now, he carries these memories with him, even in the perfume he wears.

Making Perfumes is Like Mixing Music

Yusuf Bhai explains that making perfumes is like making music, with different “notes” that come together to create a beautiful scent. Some scents you smell right away, like alcohol, while others come later, like vanilla. It’s all about blending them just right.


Who is the renowned fragrance expert in Dubai?

Originally from Kerala, he is celebrated for crafting perfumes within a short span of 15 minutes.

What is Yusuf Bhai’s age?

He is currently 55 years old.

Who is known as the wizard of perfumery?

Dr. Yusuf Madappen holds the title of perfume magician.

Do fragrances have an expiration date?

Indeed, perfumes do expire, but they typically have a lengthy shelf life.

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