Zaha Pakistani Fashion Excellence with Affordable Elegance


Zaha Pakistani fashion designer is a popular clothing brand known for its stylish and contemporary designs, offering fashion-forward options for modern women.

Exceeding Customer Expectations takes pride in not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations,

ensuring they’re delighted with their shopping experience.

Khadijah Shah

Zaha, founded by Khadijah Shah, is a celebrated clothing brand admired for its modern and stylish fashion creations

Visionary Competing in Style

Khadijah Shah, a visionary woman, is dedicated to delivering the best,

Setting a high standard and giving tough competition to rival brands.

Khadija Shah’s Fashion Journey: A Legacy of Creativity

Khadija Shah’s fashion journey, inspired by her mother Aneela,

Reflects a creative legacy and profound influence on her successful career.

A Double Role in Fashion

Khadijah Shah also serves as the CEO of Elan, adding to her impressive role in the fashion industry.

Fresh Collections Await

Every season marks the arrival of fresh and exciting collections from Zaha,

Making it a highly anticipated event for fashion enthusiasts.

Worth Every Penny

Zaha’s exceptional collection is truly worth the investment,

Offering remarkable fashion choices that justify every spent penny.


Zaha Unstitched offers a wide range of fabric options for creative fashion enthusiasts.

With quality materials and versatile designs,

it allows for customized, unique outfits tailored to personal style.

Ready to wear

Zaha Ready to Wear simplifies your fashion choices with pre-designed, trendy outfits.

It offers convenience without compromising on style, making it perfect for those seeking chic, hassle-free attire.


Zaha Bridal showcases elegant, luxurious wedding attire.

With intricate designs and premium fabrics,

it captures the essence of a bride’s special day, creating unforgettable memories.

Glamour with Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani actresses have graced Zaha’s clothing brand, modeling its chic collections,

lending glamour, and showcasing the brand’s fusion of style and tradition.

Affordable Fashion Choices

Zaha offers affordable clothing options with reasonable pricing,

ensuring customers can enjoy quality and style without breaking the bank.

Fashion meets budget-friendly choices.

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