Zebaqi: Weaving Elegance, Threads of Distinction, and a Fashion Journey Inspired by Hunza


Zebaqi, a fashion-forward brand, weaves elegance into every thread. Offering a diverse range of clothing,

It epitomizes modern style, quality craftsmanship, and individual expression.

Zebaqi’s: Threads of Distinction

Zebaqi’s named after a unique thread crafting special fabric, reflects the brand’s commitment to distinctive materials.

Each piece weaves a story of individuality and quality craftsmanship

Hunza-Inspired Elegance

Zebaqi draws inspiration from the lush Hunza valley, naming outfits after its enchanting valleys.

The brand’s origin echoes the beauty and culture of this cultivating region.

Zebaqi’s Formal Couture

Zebaqi, a women’s formal clothing brand, showcases elegance and sophistication through luxurious and synthetic fabrics.

Each design embodies refined style, offering a touch of timeless grace.

Fatima Abbas’s Luxe Designs

Fatima Abbas, with global design expertise, unveils Hunza’s allure in her luxurious ethnic designs, adding flair and elegance to women’s fashion.

Zebaqi’s Mission

Infusing the vibrant hues and joys of Hunza into life through exquisite attires, bringing the valley’s beauty to you.

Zebaqi’s Luxe Transformations

Transforming luxury into sophistication, Zebaqi modernizes styles with the finest synthetic fabrics, crafting an elegant look for the contemporary woman.

Zebaqi’s Elegant Vision

Zebaqi envisions spreading elegant designs nationwide and globally expanding their synthetic fabric formals, bringing sophistication to a broader audience.

Journey in Style

Zebaqi aims to weave stories through designs, creating a journey felt in each attire,

Transporting wearers to the captivating valley of Hunza.

Finest Quality, Trusted Satisfaction

Zebaqi strives to offer patrons the finest products, fostering a trust bridge for unwavering customer satisfaction and lasting connections.

Zebaqi’s Exquisite Glamour

Dedicated to customer delight, Zebaqi passionately delivers exquisite and glamorous collections.

Their commitment lies in bringing joy and satisfaction to every customer’s fashion journey.

Zebaqi’s Budget-Friendly Fashion

Zebaqi’s brings affordable fashion to all.

Elevate your style without breaking the bank with their chic and reasonably priced clothing.

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