Khaadi: A Journey Through Threads and Trends

Khaadi, an acclaimed clothing brand, intertwines vibrant designs with quality fabrics and cultural inspiration, creating a distinct appeal that resonates globally.

Shamoon Sultan’s Khaadi Journey

At 25, Shamoon Sultan launched the first Khaadi store in Karachi, driven by love for traditional handwoven textiles and patriotism.

From Basics to Bold Fashion Statements

Khaadi, once a men’s brand with basic kurtas, challenged norms. Saira Shamoon transformed it with vibrant hues, turning a simple men’s kurta into a bold fashion statement.

Khaadi’s Dynamic Evolution

Khaadi evolved rapidly, introducing women’s wear in 2002 and later venturing into luxury with Khaadi Khaas in 2008, showcasing versatility and growth.

Beyond Threads, Curating a Lifestyle Symphony

Khaadi evolved beyond clothing, embracing innovation with furniture, bedsheets, bags, accessories, and shoes, transforming into a versatile lifestyle brand.

Embracing Colorful Lawn Prints

In 2012, Khaadi transformed into a popular retail giant by embracing vibrant lawn prints, connecting with customers and adapting to trends.

Khaadi’s Vibrant Lawn Collection

Khaadi’s lawn collection is a summer delight, offering breezy fabrics and vibrant prints. Perfect for staying cool and stylish in hot weather.

Khaadi’s Winter Collection

Khaadi’s winter collection effortlessly blends warmth and style. With cozy fabrics and trendy designs, it’s a perfect choice for chilly days. Elevate your winter wardrobe with Khaadi’s fashion-forward and comfortable ensembles.

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