Sana Safinaz: Pioneering Pakistani Fashion Excellence since 1989

Sana Safinaz, a fashion powerhouse, delivers chic and trendy clothing, captivating global fashion enthusiasts with its cutting-edge designs and stylish appeal.

Trendy Fashion Since 1989

Sana Safinaz is part of SSFR (PVT.) LIMITED and was Established in 1989.

Founders of Sana Safinaz

The brand was found by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, 

Sana Safinaz in Pakistani Fashion

It is a top-tier fashion label in Pakistan and stands out for innovation and prestige. Hence, they have set high standards in the fashion industry.

Brand Founders’ Prestige:

Inclusion in Pakistan’s Top 50 CEOs reflects the remarkable leadership of the brand’s creators, earning well-deserved recognition.

What increased the brand’s popularity?

Even though they initially started with gowns and evening wear, what made the brand famous was their unstitched lawn collections that caught the eyes of several fashion enthusiasts.

Uniqueness of Lawn collections

Their lawn collections are a sensation because they offer embroidered add-ons, lace inserts, buttons, and intricate detailing. Women love creating personalized luxury looks with these stylish and versatile options.

Pret, Diffusion, Bridal Couture by Sana Safinaz

They offer a variety of collections, from everyday wear to special occasions, including Pret, Diffusion, and Bridal Couture lines.

Elegant Collections for the Modern Woman

Sana Safinaz’s retail venture offers premier luxury with fashion fabrics, and avant-garde silhouettes, catering to the modern woman’s style.

Retail Outlets Since 2013

Their retail outlets, since 2013, showcase trendy RTW clothing, unstitched designs, accessories, and footwear.

Latest Winter collection

Embrace warmth and style with trendy designs, luxurious fabrics, and chic details, epitomizing seasonal elegance.

Winter opulence

Luxurious warm textiles of winter collection are adorned with Kashmiri, Balochi and baroque influences.

 A blend of Regional and western

The Winter collection is popular because it is a blend of Eastern and western techniques.

Colors suitable for the season

Furthermore the collection offers rich color schemes, perfect for the season.

Exclusive Sales

Chic fashion at irresistible prices. Elevate your style with trendy designs. Limited time, unlimited elegance. Shop now!

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