What to Do with Wedding Cards: Creative Storage Ideas

what to do with wedding cards

You all might have received wedding cards as an invitation to your loved ones’ wedding day. Some people throw them away, which is harming the ecosystem. Collecting wedding cards is also a good hobby and wedding cards are beautiful indeed. Your loved ones spent a lot of money, undoubtedly in issuing those decorated cards, so why waste them? So you might wonder what to do with those. From preserving precious memories to creating beautiful keepsakes, we’ve got you covered! Discover creative ways to cherish and display your wedding cards in style. Let’s turn those heartfelt wishes into lasting treasures!

Unique Ideas for What to Do with Your Wedding Cards

After the wedding day, there are several creative ways to preserve and cherish your wedding cards:

Ring Binder:

To keep your cards accessible and organized, use a ring binder. To protect the cards, you can either hole punch them or place them in sleeves.

Keep them in a beautiful and decorated cover. Plus keep them in an accessible place. Each time you go through them memories of your special day will be refreshed.

Wedding Card Album

Create a custom wedding card keepsake album using a post-bound photo album. You can add more pages as needed and personalize it to match your wedding theme. This option allows for more creativity and personalization. Opt for a post-bound photo album that you can customize to match your wedding theme perfectly. And the best part? You can add as many as you want.

 Keep your wedding cards and other souvenirs from your big day, such as handwritten remarks and pictures, in a scrapbook.


For an eye-catching display, arrange a collage of them inside one frame. Cut out shapes or designs from the cards and arrange them in a frame for a unique display piece. Create a collage by arranging them inside a single frame. Cut out shapes or designs from the cards and arrange them in a visually appealing manner.

Make a One-of-a-Kind Gallery Wall

Arrange lovely wedding cards in pastel or white frames to make a visually striking gallery wall in your house.

Invest in a “Boxed” Photo Frame

Select a frame that lets you slip cards into it on both sides, combining display with keepsake storage box.

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Place them in a Beautiful Bird Cage

To include some elegance in your design, consider using an elegant wire bird cage as a stylish storage solution for your wedding cards.

Keepsake Boxes

To preserve your cards, pick a pretty box that complements your wedding theme. To make a memory box, think about including other mementoes from the event, such as vows or confetti.

Frame Favorites

And finally, don’t forget to frame your favourite cards! Select the ones that hold the greatest significance for you or feature exquisite patterns and hang in your home as artwork. Framed cards can remind you of your special day and add a charming touch to your decor.

In summary, there are a ton of inventive ways to treasure these cards, such as a ring binder, personalized album, or even a comical birdcage. Choose your favourite, put those moments in frames, and allow your love tale to fill every nook and cranny of your house. Cheers to your successful preservation!


How do you store cards after the wedding?

You can store them in a ring binder, custom album, or keepsake box to preserve them.

Should you save wedding cards?

Saving them can be a meaningful way to cherish memories and sentiments from your special day.

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